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Wellness is the foundation of a satisfying life. Without it, our goals, aspirations and even the daily things we need to accomplish become more difficult to attain.

By exploring the underlying sources of your issues and concerns, I work with you to develop strategies you can use to make your life as comfortable and satisfying as possible.

As a physician, I combine my knowledge of traditional Western medicine with my expertise in Functional and Integrative Medicine to create holistic approaches to healing and wellness that are personalized to fit your lifestyle so you can sustain them over a lifetime. This is my promise: I will listen. You will be heard. I will communicate. You will always understand the whats and whys of every step we take together. And most of all, I am a collaborator—your partner on your journey to a healthier, happier life.

  • Q & A

    Q: What is Functional Medicine? Answer: Functional Medicine is a medical specialty that treats the patterns of dysfunction underlying chronic disease.

  • How We Charge

    You will receive documentation of services in the form of a superbill at the time of service. You submit a copy of the bill to your insurance company.

“Dr. Susie Larson is the most exquisite doctor I’ve found in my life.  The holistic approach to treatment Dr. Larson uses is really important to me. She doesn’t just treat the symptom. She proactively looks after my health by recommending proper nutrition, exercise, and caring for my mind & soul. When I have a health problem, she recruits elements from those resources, and uses healthy supplements & traditional medicine to treat me. She fixes my health problems quickly and very effectively.”

“I highly recommend Dr Larson! Her kind, warm and professional care is unparalleled.
She listens patiently and thoroughly, offering excellent medical advice and treatment for overall health.”

“Participating in ‘The Circle of Life’ with Dr. Larson gave me the tools and confidence to make some major changes in my life that have drastically improved my health and my overall happiness. I have continued to use the workbook to help me focus on other areas of my life.  Susie Larson was an incredible coach and facilitator. She created such a comfortable and safe environment for us to reflect on various aspects of our lives that could use improvement and she gently guided us in the right direction to implement those changes.”

“I worked with Dr. Susan Larson for over a year, and during that time she taught me that a good doctor has empathy for her patients and treats them with respect and dignity. Dr. Larson listens to and treats each patient as if that patient were the only one she has.”

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