Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine focuses on the optimal functioning of the entire body and its organs.  Rather than consider one organ at a time it looks at the body as a whole.  It seeks to determine how and why your dysfunction developed and restores health by addressing the root causes of your symptoms.

Dr Larson listens to your story and merges your previous medical history with the knowledge gained through specialized Functional Medicine testing.  In a step by step process she works with you to create a wellness plan that you can sustain.  She is very attentive to each individual patient, taking the time to think carefully about their health, their personal preferences, and lifestyle.

Your first appointment focuses primarily on your current complaints and a full history including diet, exercise, sleep, social connections, and spiritual practices.  We discuss your goals and expectations for treatment.  Before you leave you will have an idea of what to expect and a general timeline required.  Because everyone is different the amount of time, number of appointments, and number of tests needed varies from person to person.

Positive changes can happen very quickly, in as little time as 3-4 months, when the right interventions are made.  Dr. Larson uses your specialized test results to determine the changes that support optimal functioning.  You are a good fit for Functional Medicine if you are ready to make changes in modifiable lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, nutrition, and sleep.

The Functional Medicine Tree graphic below illustrates how signs and symptoms come from multiple underlying causes.  Our genetic predisposition, lifestyle, experiences, attitudes, and beliefs all contribute to the physiology of clinical imbalances which manifest as symptoms.  The traditional medical approach divides your signs and symptoms into organ diagnoses as shown in the branches of the trees.  While this can be very effective in the short term it often results in chronic illness that won’t resolve until the fundamental imbalances are corrected.