Chronic Conditions: Digestive Problems, Thyroid Disease, Adrenal Fatigue, Gluten and Food Sensitivities, Nutritional Deficiencies, Headaches, Weight Loss, Lipid and Cholesterol Problems, Metabolic Syndrome, Athletic Performance, Pain Management, Sleep Disorders/Insomnia, Allergies, Brain Fog, Hypertension, Hormone imbalances, Eczema, Mold Toxicity, Yeast Overgrowth, Autoimmune Disorders

Acute Conditions:  Viral infections, UTIs, Respiratory complaints, Skin issues

These lists are not comprehensive.  If your concerns don’t seem to fall under one of these categories Dr. Larson can still consult with you about how to best address those concerns, including the creation of a custom approach or recommending other medical experts.

General Medicine tests:  Labcorp, Quest. is available for those who do not have coverage with Labcorp or Quest.

Functional Medicine tests:

Genova Diagnostics

Diagnostic Solutions (GI-Map)

Great Plains Laboratory

Precision Analytical Laboratory (Dutch test)


US Biotek (fingerstick food sensitivity testing)

Doctor’s Data



Oxford Medical (MRT)

Genomic testing: IntellxxDNA

Yes.  COVID-19 antibody testing is available after appropriate history taking and screening.

Fingerstick test kits from KBMO Diagnostics can be sent to you for convenient home collection.

Antibody testing is also available at Labcorp and Quest collection centers.

Answer: No.

Being “insurance-free” gives the greatest liberty to choose your best path to wellness without the restraint of red tape.  There are no surprises or worries about what might not be covered.

If you have a PPO insurance policy Dr. Larson’s fees are typically covered as an out of network provider.  You are given a properly coded superbill to submit for reimbursement according to your individual policy.

Answer:  Yes.  I am licensed in California, Illinois, Florida, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.  At this time all appointments are by telemedicine.  That’s either a phone call, FaceTime, or Video conference.  During the COVID-19 crisis I can treat you if you live in a state that has temporarily lifted licensure requirements in your state.

Answer: It depends on the health issues we are addressing. In my experience my patients begin to see improvements in their vitality and decreased discomfort within a few weeks. But as we all know, establishing solid new lifestyle patterns you can maintain takes longer.


Your healthcare is a team effort.  Integrative and Functional Medicine play a different position on this “team.”  Dr. Larson’s mission is to help you reach your health goals as an ongoing consultant.  Typical results are achieved from 3-6 months of dedicated collaboration.

Dr. Larson requires that all patients retain a primary care provider to handle important screening tests (like mammograms, colonoscopies, etc) and vaccinations.  As a consultant Dr. Larson does not provide urgent/same day care that might require immediate assistance or hospitalization.  If permitted she will gladly communicate findings to your PCP to provide a seamless approach to your overall healthcare.

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