How We Charge

Service fees may be paid by Zelle, VISA® or Mastercard® at the time of service.  You may store a credit card on the portal or through a phone app called Ivy Pay.  Health Savings Accounts may also be used.  Ask about payment method at the time of service.

Dr. Larson is not contracted with any insurance company.  She is an out of network provider under most PPO policies.  You will get a Superbill to file with your insurance company.  Check your specific policy for coverage rates.

Labcorp or Quest labs are covered according to the terms of your individual policy.  Functional Medicine lab tests are generally not covered by insurance.

If you are covered under Medicare the standard labs ordered by Dr. Larson through Labcorp or Quest are covered by Medicare or your secondary coverage.   Provider fees may not be submitted to Medicare for coverage.

Established patients $440 per hour, billed in 10 minute intervals.

The fee for a 90 minute new patient visit is $749.  Subsequent appointments are billed at $440 per hour.

Discovery Call – $75.  This is a 15 to 20 minute appointment in which Dr. Larson will listen to your health concerns and tell you what approach she would take to help you meet your health goals.  Payment of $75 dollars is requested at the time of booking.

Labs fees for Functional Medicine labs are paid separately as an out of pocket expense.  Dr. Larson has access to a full range of Functional Medicine lab tests. The cost of a test package including stool test, nutritional evaluation, and food sensitivity test is about $1200 but will vary depending on the tests chosen and what works best for your particular situation.

To request an appointment please register on the Patient Portal and request a time under the Appointments tab.

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