How We Charge

Service fees are paid with Cash, check, VISA® or Mastercard® at the time of service.

Dr. Larson is an out of network provider under most PPO policies.  You will get a Superbill to file with your insurance company.  Check your specific policy for coverage rates.

Labcorp or Quest labs are covered according to the terms of your policy.  Some Functional Medicine labs work with insurance, some do not.

Dr. Larson is not a Medicare provider but labs she orders ARE covered by Medicare.  That means you pay out of pocket for appointment fees.   Appointment bills may not be submitted for coverage.  Lab fees are covered as usual under Medicare or your secondary coverage.

Established patients $420/hour, billed in 10 minute intervals.

New patients $495/hour for the first three hours, then established patient rate.

Fees for Functional Medicine labs are paid separately.

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