Environmental Health

Exposures to biotoxins such as mold, pesticides, and chemicals are commonplace in today’s world.  Water damaged buildings, chemicals, and pesticides are frequent sources of exposure.  This can result in a multitude of symptoms including fatigue, brain fog, confusion, headaches, joint pains, visual sensitivity, abdominal pain, sinus congestion, and others.  If you suspect that you may be suffering from biotoxin illness it is important to identify the toxin and go through a detoxification process. Otherwise you will continue to suffer from toxins stored in fat and other tissues.

The most important step in healing from environmental exposures is to remove yourself from the exposure.  If you are living in a water damaged building you must rehab the building in conjunction with detoxification or you cannot heal.

Dr. Larson uses several different labs to test for biotoxin illness.  She will recommend the use of supplements, changes in diet, and most importantly removal from the source of exposure to support your healing.