Dr. Susie Larson

Dr. Larson is a traditionally trained medical doctor with a Master’s Degree in Public Health from Columbia University and a year of training in Bioethics.  After graduation from Northwestern University Medical School she completed an internship in Internal Medicine at St Francis Hospital in Evanston, Illinois, and a residency in Occupational Medicine at the University of Illinois, Chicago.

Dr. Larson left the world of traditional medicine in 2012.  She was disappointed that the system allows physicians so little time to really understand and meet the needs of patients.  She was introduced to Functional Medicine by a colleague who challenged her to go on an elimination diet for a month.  At the end of the month she realized what a huge difference dietary changes could make.  She started courses in Functional Medicine later in 2012.  By 2015 she had started her own Functional Medicine practice and qualified for certification through the Institute for Functional Medicine.

Since establishing her Functional Medicine practice Dr. Larson has worked successfully with many different chronic diseases including Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Leaky Gut, Autoimmune Thyroiditis, Mold Exposure, Dysbiosis, Nutritional Deficiencies, Eczema, Psoriasis, Mild Cognitive Impairment, Helicobacter Pylori, Colitis, Crohn’s Disease, Gluten Sensitivity, and others.  She gets particular enjoyment from listening well enough to understand where traditional medical approaches have not helped people.   Then she comes up with a combination of medical and Functional Medicine approaches that do.

As a mother, wife, and doctor, Dr. Larson combines the wisdom of life experience with her medical expertise. Because she has made significant life changes and struggled with serious health conditions herself, she understands the commitment required to make healthy lifestyle changes.  She will work with you to find manageable, realistic choices you can maintain long term.

Education and Qualifications

Dr. Larson has years of clinical experience in Preventive Medicine, Occupational and
Environmental Medicine, Urgent Care, and Functional Medicine. She has a Master’s Degree in Public Health and Certificate in Clinical Bioethics from Columbia University.

  • Board Certified in Occupational and Environmental Medicine, a subspecialty of Preventive Medicine, American College of Preventive Medicine.
  • Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner
  • Certification in Clinical Bioethics
  • Certified Health Coach, Circle of Life Health Coaching
  • Residency Training in Occupational and Environmental Medicine, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Internal Medicine Internship, St Francis Hospital, Evanston, Illinois
  • Integrative Medicine Resident Rotation, University of Arizona
  • Family Practice Intern, Community Hospitals of Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago, Illinois
  • Functional Medicine Clinical Practice Modules and numerous webinars – Institute for Functional Medicine
  • Integrative Practitioner Conferences
  • Lifestyle Medicine Practice Management – American College of Lifestyle Medicine
  • Food As Medicine Program – Center for Mind-body Medicine, Washington DC.
  • Healthy Kitchens, Healthy Lives – Harvard Continuing Education
  • Spirituality in Healing – NICABM
  • Mindfulness for Stress Reduction
  • Mindfulness in Psychotherapy
  • Disability Assessment using the AMA Guide to Disability
  • Master’s Degree in Public Health, Epidemiology, Columbia University, New Y ork
  • Master’s Essay evaluating scientific evidence related to the carcinogenicity of xenoestrogens and Breast Cancer
  • Certificate in Clinical Bioethics, Columbia University, New York
  • BA, Math Education, University of Michigan 1973

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